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We offer you the best of service and know-how, not only at our headquarters in Borchen near Paderborn. Our retailers and service points all over Germany will be glad to assist you with any questions or problems you may have.   


Helical spring axles


The suspension is by means of a helical spring that is located behind the centre of the wheel. The hock absorbers that are mounted as standard prevent the axle from swinging out. The triangulated control arm single wheel suspension is positioned on rubber metal bushes and is a compact space-saving design due to the pivoted spring suspension. The track and axle camber can be readjusted.

Helical spring axeszoom


  • extremely smooth road handling
  • careful transportation of high quality goods
  • absolute directional stability
  • no swerving in curves
  • type: WSFA-BS

    type: WSFA-BS

    Helical spring axes with disk brake, max. 130 km/h, hot-dip galvanized axle beam

  • type: WSFA-B

    type: WSFA-B

    Helical spring axes with drum brake, max. 130 km/h, hot-dip galvanized axle beam

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