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Retailers and Service

We offer you the best of service and know-how, not only at our headquarters in Borchen near Paderborn. Our retailers and service points all over Germany will be glad to assist you with any questions or problems you may have.   

Corporate philosophy


Corporate Policy

The primary objective of management is to ensure the survival of the company and increase value.

The increasing requirements on our products and services demand continuous improvements in all areas of our company as well as trusting cooperations with our customers, suppliers, and employees. On this basis, we work efficiently to-gether to reach goals and obtain perfect quality. We do this while keeping our duty to fulfilling the customer expectations and requirements specified and agreed to in mind and serves to continuously increase customer satisfaction.

By specifying the workflows and tasks in our company, we will ensure the re-quired level of product and process quality. The process-oriented quality man-agement system derived from this is specified and described in a management handbook and the additional accompanying documents.

Every employee has tasks in his or her work area to ensure quality. It is every employee’s duty to perform these tasks according to the prescribed guidelines and process descriptions.

In this sense, it is the task of management and of all employees to do quality work, create the necessary internal environment, and prepare the foundation for rational decisions.

All areas and levels in our company continuously interact with each other and contribute through

  • continuous learning,
  • continuous improvement
  • and avoiding errors right from the start

to reaching the company goals.

We are confident that consistent implementation of our corporate policy and the full support of all employees will contribute to our ability to exist successfully over the long-term in the market.

ISO – 9001:2008 Zertifikatzoom
WAP Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

WAP Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 21-23
33178 Borchen


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Fax: +49 (0) 52 51 / 6 91 69 - 11
E-mail: info@wap-fahrzeugtechnik.de



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